When Earthly Justice Fades, Heavenly Appeals Prevail.
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About Us

At An Appeal to Heaven, we wear these logos and emblems as symbols to honor God as we put our trust in Him. The meaning behind the " An Appeal to Heaven" on the Pine Tree Flag traces back to the era of kings and queens, when the ruling monarchs believed they had a divine right to govern. Any act against them was viewed as a grave sin, tantamount to rebelling against heaven or engaging in the devil's work. To validate the American struggle for independence, British philosopher John Locke countered the notion of divine right in his work, the Second Treatise on Civil Government. Locke argued that if earthly appeals fail, people should turn to heaven for justice and guidance. When unable to achieve justice through earthly laws and rulers, they can seek redress from heaven.

Over the course of centuries, America has consistently recognized and emphasized the importance of turning to God and seeking divine intervention. This was particularly evident during the early stages of the struggle for independence, symbolized by the pine tree flag and its impactful message of "an appeal to heaven." Whenever the rights of individuals or the collective body of the nation are violated or oppressed by unjust authority, they retain the freedom to seek redress beyond earthly means by appealing to the divine realm.